Essays on curriculum and instruction

The relationship between curriculum and instruction Essay - Paper Example The relationship between curriculum and instruction Essay The relationship between curriculum and instruction I am a High School Business Technology teacher at an inner city school in Los Angeles. It includes a statement of underlying philosophy or learning theory, Assumptions, Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Instructional materials, Time frame and Accountability.

Essays on curriculum and instruction

As established by the quotation, assessment is the most important aspect of learning and teaching, as it ensures that judgments are made about student learning. In other words, it reveals how well the students have learned what they were supposed to.

Assessing students is the only way to validate if learning outcomes have been achieved. The following figures, Figure 1 and 2, depict the importance of assessment in learning and teaching.

I was only assessed to demonstrate the mastery of certain skills. I will admit that I crammed a lot, because I wanted to remember all of the important facts.

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I wanted to ensure that I would regurgitate all that the teacher had given me, so that I would pass my tests with flying colours. I was like a sponge that sucked in everything, and let it out back copiously.

This was the practice in vogue at the time, given that the traditional approach to learning and teaching was the instructional method then. I was assessed this way, as this was the only way my teachers knew how to assess. And, as such, assessment only encouraged a surface approach to learning and a desire to achieve comparative scores and grades.

There were no grading criteria, so I did not know on what I was being assessed. The situation has remained the same, up to now. The Caribbean Region instituted a regional for all Caribbean students. I am a product of it. I can attest to the fact that this exam is only concerned with numbers, with grades, with results, with outcomes.

This is still current practice, even in these enlightened times. The situation at the University of Guyana and at the Universidad de Concepcion, where I did my undergrad and postgrad degrees, respectively, remains the same. Learning and teaching is steeped in the traditional approach and has not changed much.

As a student there, it was all about the grades, the results, the outcomes. Tertiary education distinguished the exceptionally bright from the exceptionally dull student. My tertiary schooling adhered to traditional assessment practices, as this was widely embraced.

Essays on curriculum and instruction

Once again, there were no grading criteria for assessments, so I did not know on what I was being assessed.The following is a summary of two articles pertaining to curriculum and instruction issues facing local school districts in Iowa and California.

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Education Course Reflection Essays - Looking back over the course of the semester, I feel that I learned many new and interesting uses for technology within the classroom – both for classrooms that have a lot of technology and for classrooms that are limited with technology.

Curriculum and Instruction Custom Essay Please reply to the questions below: Implied curriculum is unavoidable; however, the things said by what we allow and encourage (as well as prohibit and discourage) speaks volumes to students, parents and the community.

A Reflection on Curriculum Development, Instruction and Design; A Reflection on Curriculum Development, Instruction and Design. Words 5 Pages.

Show More. Designing curriculum, instruction, and assessments are steps teachers use to help them make sense of the concepts they teach and helps drive instruction. One of the major factors in helping effective teaching is differentiated instruction. What is the differentiation instruction?

The National Curriculum Council defined it as "the process by which curriculum objectives, teaching methods, assessment methods, resources and learning activities are planned to cater for the needs of individual pupils".

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