How to write a press release for a cd release party

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How to write a press release for a cd release party

Here's a with Long John Baldry where he claims Jeff was asked to join The Hoochie Coochie Men in but didn't because Jeff's then wife didn't want him to leave his day job. Here's the relevant bit.

Yes, that would have been back in about He had a daytime job then. Here's an interview from Roger Water's website.

Here, Geoff relates how Jeff would arrive to the sessions. First Roger explains Geoff's contribution to the album, the Geoff is asked about Jeff. Jeff Beck is the star name, but if you listen closely, most of the intricate guitar work, apart from the heavy Jeff Beck solos, is my friend Geoff Whitehorn who played guitar in Crawler with us, he is excellent.

Any stories about those sessions?

how to write a press release for a cd release party

The best one, the only one really I can think of is when Jeff Beck came in to do some of his bits and pieces, With his Corvette, the back window open with an old Fender amp stuck in it, sort of hanging out and a beaten up old guitar and stuff, and wearing a pair of the filthiest trainers and jogging bottoms you ever saw, with the knees hanging out, a complete anti-rock star.

It was great and he played his arse off, as you know. But while he was there we had lots of rehearsals, almost six weeks, which at that time was unheard of. But typical of us in the six weeks of rehearsals we never ran the show from top to bottom laughter. He does something with the sixteenth note with his thumb up and back over the bass strings whilst playing other stuff with his fingers.

I have got to know Jeff a little bit over the years and he is a good guy, I like him very much. I was shocked when I asked Jeff if he still practised and he replied every day.

I thought that if Jeff Beck practises every day then so would I, so I have started practising again. It is a whole different mind-set. Now that I have started practicing and getting my chops back into it, I am really enjoying it which is good.

how to write a press release for a cd release party

Here's a cool interview with Billy Gibbons about his new solo project 'Perfectamundo'. In it Billy talks about the time his first band 'Moving Sidewalks' toured as an opening act for Jimi Hendrix. Here again is the relevant bit. Here's of shot of them on their way to a gig at the Brooklyn Bowl.

Here's a cool old photo shoot Robert Knight did with Jeff for a special edition of Guitar Player back in The special edition coincided with Jeff's tour with Santana that year. Beck fan David Ingram sent us a photo of his copy of the mag.

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Behind them in the bus you can see Jan Hammer photo bombing them. And now for our blast from the past Jeff, San Francisco, Brian Hazard of Color Theory presents the musician's ultimate pre-release to-do list. All this stuff needs to be done before promotion begins!

"I Want to Hold Your Hand" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and recorded in October , it was the first Beatles record to be made using four-track equipment..

With advance orders exceeding one million copies in the United Kingdom, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" would have gone straight to the top of the British record charts on its day. A tour press release template helps you get the media on board with your tour promotion and can be a great way to generate a new round of press for promoting your releases as well.

There's a lot of info that needs to be crammed into a small space on a tour press . How to Write and Send a Press Release Naturally you will send a press release announcing your new CD to the local music paper. But you will also want to explore different "angles" with other outlets.

How To Write The Release Most press releases follow a similar format, and it's easy to learn. First, spend some time defining the Main. Throw a release party. Exactly what it sounds like: a party meant to celebrate and promote your album release.

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Launch parties can become expensive, but they don’t have to be. Your release party can be as glamorous or low-key as you want to make it. Have your launch party as close to the actual release date of your music as possible (if you're adhering to a strict release date). If you've got to choose between having it, say, the week before or the week after, go for the week before.

10 Key To Do’s For A Successful CD Release Party - MTT - Music Think Tank